Changing Book Ratings and Reviews

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This week’s topic is Changing Book Ratings and Reviews.

Do you ever change your rating/review for a book? When or why would you consider doing so?

I have gone back to change ratings and reviews of books, though I haven’t done it recently. When I did this in the past, it was because I impulsively rated/reviewed the book immediately after reading, and didn’t give myself a chance to really reflect on the book. Days or even weeks later I would feel differently, and then go back and change the rating/review.

Do you think people should be allowed to change their ratings/reviews?

Absolutely! Opinions can change over time, and feelings are not stagnant. With time comes perspective, and I think it’s normal to feel differently about books over the years. For example, I used to love the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins until I read prequel that came out in 2020 and then I realized I didn’t feel as strongly about the series as I once did. While I didn’t go back and change any reviews or ratings, I did recognize that my thoughts on the books and series as a whole had changed.

Is it important to make it known what the previous rating/review was if you’re changing it?

I think this depends on a couple of things, such as what the original review consisted of and how big your audience is. If the original review was very long and detailed or had a rating that used a specific scale, then it might be good to either put a disclaimer on it that the review was changed or at least preface the new review with a statement that a previous review was written.

If you have a large audience, it might be good to be transparent about changing ratings and reviews so your readers aren’t confused. I personally haven’t felt compelled to announce when I’ve changed a rating or a review, but if it came up in a way that may be confusing for others I would probably address it.

These days, I tend to wait a few days before rating a book or finalizing my review because I know that I’ll be able to write a better review if I give myself time to reflect on the book. However, if it’s a five-star read I will say as much right away 🙂

Have you ever changed a book rating or review? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Changing Book Ratings and Reviews

  1. What an interesting topic!
    I don’t change reviews and ratings, because they reflect what I thought about a book at a specific time. I tend to write the review the day after finishing a book. Also, my feelings on the books that I read as an adult don’t tend to change much unless I reread them, which I don’t do very often.
    In the latest years I’ve been rereading books that I remembered being favourites but that I read before starting rating and reviewing books. So far, they were all 5-star reads except for one.
    If one day I reread a book that I’ve already reviewed and my opinions are not the same, I think I will just write another review and link to the previous one.

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  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about changing my ratings, to be honest. I don’t usually re-read books, but if I did and my opinion wasn’t the same, I’d write another review. It would be interesting to see how my thoughts about a book change over time.

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