Reading and Writing (and Blogging)

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Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly series hosted by Rukky at Eternity Books and Danie at Literary Lion. The full list of December topics can be found here.

This week’s topic is Reading & Blogging: Their Effect on Writing.

Have you sometimes felt that as a reader, you should also be a writer or vice versa? Do you think that a desire to write is connected with a love of reading?

Nope! Reading for the fun of it is its own hobby. Being well-read can help develop strong writing skills, but I wouldn’t expect someone to want to be a writer just because they love to read. I think that’s a generalization in itself because they are pretty separate hobbies.

For me personally, sometimes reading a good book will inspire me to write my own story. Other times, reading a good book just makes me happy and eager to read the next in the series or another by the same author.

What motivates you to write?

I write book reviews because I enjoy the challenge of articulating what I liked about a book and why, and because I like connecting with fellow readers and bloggers. In my personal time, I enjoy creative writing because it’s fun. The motivation for both of these hobbies is simply that I enjoy doing it.

Do you think that authors can be book bloggers as well, or that they’ve crossed the imaginary line between authors and bloggers and therefore are not like other book bloggers anymore?

I think authors are probably also readers and it makes sense for them to want to share what they are reading. Whether or not it would make them look good to publish book reviews regularly depends on the situation, the author, the review itself, etc. I can’t imagine that I would publish book reviews under my own name if I was also a published author. In my mind, I would want the two to be kept separate.

Do you think being a reader and a writer (or blogger) go hand in hand?

Tell me in the comments or drop a link to your post so I can check it out!

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