Flying Witch by Chihiro Ishizuka (Volume 10)


“As summer continues, Makoto takes a trip back home to Kanagawa. However, her time there won’t be all fun and games. She and her friends have to solve the mystery of a temple that appears to be cursed with constant daily rain. Before long, they find the culprits, but a communication issue may just leave Makoto and her companions all wet!”

-Synopsis from back cover


Cover image from StoryGraph

This was another great installment to the Flying Witch series. It begins with Makoto traveling home for the summer with her sister Akane. We get to see their parents, and meet some of Makoto’s friends who are very competitive about learning magic.

The cats, Chito and Kenny, had some comical antics on the train back to Kanazawa which was very entertaining. While at home, Makoto still has to work. Her job this time is to help figure out why there has been incessant rain at a local temple. The cause turned out to be very silly but delightful, as the series has been. I loved it!

Volume 11 comes out in 2023 which seems far away but I’m glad to know that there is more Flying Witch to look forward to.

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