About Me:
I am a graduate student at University of Arizona studying library and information science. I work at a public library here in sunny Arizona and I love it!
About Hannah’s Library:
Here you can expect to see 2-3 posts each week about all things books! I post reviews of everything I read: children’s, young adult, teen, contemporary, historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, and more.
How I Rate Books:
It can be difficult to rate books because every reader is different and will have a unique experience when reading. But here’s how I rate books:
1-2 Stars: I disliked the book and would not recommend.
3 Stars: I typically give this rating to books that I felt were lacking in either the plot as a whole or the ending. I often make a point to write about these books because I feel the need to explain what was problematic for me as a reader and why.
4 Stars: If there is something about the book I just can’t stop thinking about, in a bad way, despite having enjoyed it for the most part, it’s likely going to receive this rating.
Five stars: I loved the book, I wouldn’t change a thing about it, and I’d recommend it to anyone.
Did Not Finish: If I didn’t finish the book, it gets added to my Did Not Finish shelf on Goodreads along with a review as to why.


THANK YOU for being here, for reading, and for following along.
I’m so happy to have you!

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