Book Review: Yes Please

Amy Poehler has to be one of the coolest women I know. Although I don't actually know her, I feel like I do after reading Yes Please a compilation of all of her "ideas, stories and questions about the stuff of life, big and small, funny and sad." It's not quite a memoir, not quite an autobiography, but... Continue Reading →

Walk Through Walls

In continuing with this month's theme of honoring strong women both past and present, I recently read Walk Through Walls, Marina Abramovic's memoir that was released late last year. Coincidentally it was also just last year that I was first exposed to Abramovic and her performance artwork through her documentary The Artist is Present. I... Continue Reading →

Coming of Age in Mississippi

I was recently captivated by Anne Moody’s autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi. This book is perfect for those of us that love to read about American history, and have particular interest in learning more about the Civil Rights Movement; or just those of us that love to read autobiographies and memoirs. Moody was born... Continue Reading →

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