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The Towering Sky (The Thousandth Floor #3) by Katharine McGee

Synopsis "Welcome back to New York, 2119. A skyscraper city, fueled by impossible dreams, where the lives of five teenagers have become intertwined in ways that no one could have imagined. Leda just wants to move on from what happened in Dubai. Until a new investigation forces her to seek help—from the person she’s spent… Continue reading The Towering Sky (The Thousandth Floor #3) by Katharine McGee

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Book Review: The Thousandth Floor

Synopsis "WELCOME TO MANHATTAN, 2118. A hundred years in the future, New York is a city of innovation and dreams. Everyone there wants something…and everyone has something to lose. LEDA COLE’s flawless exterior belies a secret addiction—to a drug she never should have tried and a boy she never should have touched. ERIS DODD-RADSON’s beautiful,… Continue reading Book Review: The Thousandth Floor