Short Story Dispensers

I was just reading about these short story dispensers and they sound so cool that I couldn't resist sharing. Short story dispensers are exactly what they sound like: press a button and out pops a short story just for you, free of charge. These kiosks built by a French publishing company have only existed in... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Friday

From Shadow Show, a collection of short stories inspired by the legendary Ray Bradbury comes "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain" by Joe Hill, a story about a group of children who discover a dead dinosaur washed up on the shore of the lake behind their homes. The only indication of sci/fy in this... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Friday

Inspired by Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man "Headlife" by Margaret Atwood is one of many fantastic short stories from Shadow Show. This story is great because you know exactly what is going to happen but you don't know how, so the anticipation grows with each paragraph. Quentin is the creator and owner of Hither! Ltd., a... Continue Reading →

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