The Yellow Wallpaper

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper was first published in the New England Magazine in 1891. It is a classic short story that, when I first read it, totally and completely freaked me out. I have thought about it often over the years and decided to revisit it this week. I found a copy of the story... Continue Reading →

RIP Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison, a prolific science fiction writer, died last week. One of his short stories had such a huge impact on me both as a reader and a writer, that I wanted to discuss it here today. This is a story I still to this day think about, whether I recall it for its weirdness... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Earth (A Gift Shop)

From Shadow Show, a collection of short stories by famous writers inspired by Ray Bradbury's greatest stories, come "Earth (A Gift Shop)" by Charles Yu in which he wonders what will become of earth when we are finished with it, and how will humanity be remembered when we are long gone, based on what we've left behind? This... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Friday

Inspired by Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man "Headlife" by Margaret Atwood is one of many fantastic short stories from Shadow Show. This story is great because you know exactly what is going to happen but you don't know how, so the anticipation grows with each paragraph. Quentin is the creator and owner of Hither! Ltd., a... Continue Reading →

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