2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge ~ Update No. 1

Hello bookworms! We are three months in to 2020 and I've already managed to complete a handful of the reading prompts from the PopSugar Reading Challenge! I thought it would be fun to update as I go along rather than have one giant post at the end of the year. Here are the prompts I … Continue reading 2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge ~ Update No. 1

2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Happy weekend everyone! Earlier this month I joined the Ultimate Pop Sugar Reading Challenge on Goodreads. There are 50 prompts total, with 40 standard prompts 10 advanced prompts that fit into the theme of 2020. While I'm not planning to organize my reading around this challenge, I figured it would be fun to follow along … Continue reading 2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge

Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge ~ Check-In

It's safe to say I have read more books so far this year than ever before. I didn't know this would be possible, considering the intense work and school schedule I have been under lately, and yet here we are! To be fair, I count everything, and I mean everything, that I read. From the … Continue reading Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge ~ Check-In