What We’ve Been Up To

February is disappearing right before our eyes! It seems like just yesterday we were caught in the never-ending-January-time warp, and now suddenly it's Pisces Season and my birthday is on the horizon. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves, shall we? Last year I did a roundup of my favorites each month. This post... Continue Reading →

July Favorites

Welcome to July Favorites! For new readers, first of all welcome and thank you for joining! This is where I wrap up a few things from the month that caught my eye, made me think, inspired me, or all of the above. My Favorites usually consists of articles, photography, books, foods, products or quotes. Thank... Continue Reading →

My Mom Style Icon

My Mom, Style Icon is a book that is near and dear to my heart. This book is for anyone who has an appreciation of fashion, photography, international cultures, vintage accessories and wild hairstyles, and oh, an adoration and love for his/her mom, too. It was inspired by Piper Weiss’ blog My Mom, The Style Icon which... Continue Reading →

Book Review: “Finding Momo”

Finding Momo is a photography book by Andrew Knapp. Momo, a sweet little black and white border collie, is hiding somewhere in every photo. Knapp narrates the book throughout, which gives added personality and character to Momo’s already expressive and inquisitive demeanor. “Momo makes friends with just about every dog and human he meets. But... Continue Reading →

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