Rapid Review: Design by Nature

Design by Nature: Creating Layered, Lived-In Spaces by Erica Tanov is all about using the beauty of nature to influence and inspire your personal approach to design. What attracted me to this book was its minimalist cover and thick pages of stunning photography, by photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. Just flipping through the pages at the... Continue Reading →

Drumroll please…

Hello everyone, happy first day of June! I wanted to take a moment to introduce two new things that will be coming to the blog this summer. What I've Learned The first will be a series titled What I've Learned. I love reading blog posts from others who are experiencing new things, trying new products,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Big Magic

This past week has been a roller coaster. The worst part? How many times have we collectively said that this year? Too many. Sometimes, I can't even believe we made it through this year, but we have (mostly) unscathed so I suppose that's one thing to be thankful for coming into the holiday season. One... Continue Reading →

My Workspace

One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest is desks. I love to see how other people are designing their workspaces, and these pins give me all kinds of inspiration and ideas. My current desk-slash-workspace is below: The location of my desk, and it being one of the first things you see when... Continue Reading →

This is what reading is…

  I love this quote and I couldn't agree more. There is nothing better than sitting down with a book that takes you away and makes you forget where you are, who you are, where you live...the books that captivate your mind and attention from everything around you. It's not something you get through listening,... Continue Reading →

The Woman I Wanted to Be

Diane von Furstenburg’s memoir The Woman I Wanted to Be reveals her life in two parts: The Woman I Am, and The Business of Fashion. Each chapter (Roots, Love, Beauty, The American Dream, The Comeback Kid, and The New Era) offers insight into her past including her darkest times, her most successful times, and all that... Continue Reading →

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