2017 Favorites

For my December Favorites, I thought it would be a fun idea to roundup some of my favorite things, and posts, not just from this month but from this entire year. Beauty, books, health, mindfulness, and everything in between ~ 2017 was a big year! We have a lot to get through, so let's get... Continue Reading →

August Favorites

Summer is winding down, and pumpkin spice lattes are on the horizon! This past week I have been busy with my fall classes which started on Monday, and planning a birthday party for tomorrow (which I will post about more next week :)) For those of you who are new to Words for Everything, first... Continue Reading →

July Favorites

Welcome to July Favorites! For new readers, first of all welcome and thank you for joining! This is where I wrap up a few things from the month that caught my eye, made me think, inspired me, or all of the above. My Favorites usually consists of articles, photography, books, foods, products or quotes. Thank... Continue Reading →

June Favorites

Guess what? This is my 200th post. Exciting! June has been dragging along for me lately, and I will admit I am already kind of just daydreaming about Fall. It's technically right around the corner! In the midst of the heatwave we are having right now, that is one of the few things I can... Continue Reading →

May Favorites

It's┬áthe last week of May - this year just continues to fly by, doesn't it? May is always an interesting month here in Phoenix. It's technically still spring, but you wouldn't know it from the 90+ degree heat that has arrived right on time. It's been windy, but hot air blowing isn't very refreshing :)... Continue Reading →

April Favorites

Hello there! Is it me or did April just seem to completely fly by? It's crazy that we are already approaching May. Where did the time go? Below are some of my favorites for this past month. Bill Nye Saves the World: Woohoo Bill Nye is back! Bill Nye Saves the World was just released... Continue Reading →

January Favorites

2017 has gotten off to a good start! Here are some things I've been loving this month: Spotify I was a loyal Apple Music/Pandora user until recently when I decided to switch over to Spotify and holy cow was I missing out! I love being able to create playlists of just one artists, not a... Continue Reading →

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