Science Fiction Friday: The Birth-Mark

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birth-Mark” has an Edgar Allan Poe “Tell-Tale Heart” feel to it, with themes of desire, love, fascination and obsession. In “The Birth-Mark”, Aylmer, a scientist, has become sickened and disturbed by a small birthmark shaped like a tiny hand on the face of his wife, Georgiana. He believes she is perfection, but... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Friday: Nine Lives

Allow me to indulge in three of my favorite things in life: alliteration, science fiction, and short stories. “Nine Lives” by Ursula Le Guin. In Ursula Le Guin’s “Nine Lives” ten clones arrive at the Libra Exploratory Mission Base to assist the singleton humans Owen Pugh and Alvaro Guillen Martin in their scientific work. The... Continue Reading →

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