Decorating Pumpkins

Last weekend we did some pumpkin decorating with these cute little kits they have at Target. Every time I would walk past the Halloween section, my eye was drawn to these cool pretty white pumpkins and all the fun stuff surrounding them. So, we each picked one and a theme and decided to give it... Continue Reading →

DIY Succulents

A couple weeks ago, while it was snowing like crazy everywhere else in the country it was raining like crazy here. I was not too excited about being stuck inside all weekend but then I saw this tutorial for how to make a DIY succulent garden and thought it was too cute not to try!... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journals

Bullet journals: what the heck. Now that they’ve been covered by Buzzfeed I think it’s safe to say that bullet journals have officially gone mainstream. Why? Who knows. Speaking as someone who has terrible handwriting, when I see pictures of bullet journals on Instagram and Pinterest all I can do is sigh longingly, knowing I... Continue Reading →

Getting Crafty

Six white pictures frames that have been hanging on my walls for years were beginning to look a little drab. The fix? Blue ocean breeze spray paint, of course. The before: The between: The after (with new wanderlusty pictures from Pinterest): Good stuff. DIY that's not stressful. The best kind of painting there is. Let's... Continue Reading →

A Place for Everything…

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’d love to start incorporating more lifestyle posts into the blog. What better place to start than showing you where I keep all of these lovely books I’ve been telling you about for the past year? I recently updated my book space by incorporating a second matching bookshelf, allowing me to... Continue Reading →

DIY…Not So Much

As with probably the majority of bloggers and pinners on the internet, I am a sucker for design and DIY blogs. Their links crowd my Favorites folder and I feel compelled to check in with them daily. Why? Well it’s simple, who doesn’t like looking at pretty things? But I’m always asking myself: how do... Continue Reading →

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