A Fun Announcement

As you know, earlier this year we adopted a rescue cat from our local pet rescue. Georgia has brought so much joy to our lives, and as you can see below, she is well aware of how she has graced us with her presence, ha. But Georgia is just over a year old, has a... Continue Reading →

What I Learned: Pet Adoption

We adopted our cat this past spring and (spoiler!) it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She has been such a wonderful addition to this little household and we completely adore her. For the second installment in the What I Learned series, Anthony and I will be sharing with you some... Continue Reading →

Our New Rescue Kitten

I have some excited personal news to share: last weekend we adopted a kitten! There is a lot of kitten-gushing and cat related content below, so be warned 🙂 We have been wanting a cat for a while but couldn't quite decide on the type of cat, or age, or any of the specifics. We... Continue Reading →

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