Do You Prefer Long Series or Short Series?

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Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly series created by Rukky at Eternity Books and hosted by Aria at Book Nook Bits. The full list of May topics can be found here.

Thanks to Aria for choosing my topic this week! Since I mostly read series, I’m always curious as to how others feel about them.

What is the ideal number of books in a series? Does it depend on the genre?

It depends on the genre. For example, I have found that mystery and fantasy series tend to have many more book than romance and YA series. I think ultimately the ideal number of books will really just be however many the story requires, whether it’s three or twenty or more.

Do you prefer longer series with five or more books, or shorter series with less than that?

I prefer longer series. I’m currently reading several mystery series that have over ten books in them. I’ve stuck with them because I love the characters and I also love knowing I’ll always have something to turn to if I find myself in a reading slump.

Have you ever read a duology and if so, did you wish it was longer, or was two books enough for the story?

I have read a few duologies and I have to say I really like them! There is just something about a story that can be summed up in two books that is very appealing to me, despite what I said above 🙂

I’ve read the Flawed duology by Cecilia Ahern, and two by Laura Griffin, one being The Borderline and the other being The Glass Sisters. In each instance two books was the perfect amount for the story. I would be open to reading more duologies in the future if I come across any that pique my interest.

Do you prefer to read longer series or shorter series? Tell me in the comments!

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