Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury


“Here are eleven exuberant essays on the pleasures of writing from one of the most creative, imaginative, and prolific artists of the twentieth century – a writer who truly enjoys his craft and tells you why and how. Bradbury shares his wisdom and enthusiasm for writing as he examines a lifetime of creating and composing scores of stories, novels, plays, poems, films, television programs, and musicals. Refreshingly direct, each essay shares a single compelling them: writing is a celebration, not a chore. Unlike so many books on writing, this one does not belabor the technical or become obsessed with the how-to aspect of the craft. What Bradbury does bring to every discussion of writing is the fever, the ardor, the delight that he has discovered and which can be yours.”

-Synopsis from back cover


Cover image from StoryGraph

Zen in the Art of Writing is a fantastic book that aspiring writers, particularly those who are fans of Ray Bradbury, will appreciate.

I would recommend reading some of his work first because so much of it is referenced throughout the book. Additionally, I think it is more meaningful to read certain works first and then learn about Bradbury’s thoughts behind each work.

I loved learning about his inspiration for certain stories, and especially his inspiration for life and for writing. He is truly a unique soul and there are no writers like him. His work should be considered modern-day classic, and I hope students are still learning about him in literature classes.

Bradbury is definitely someone I admire, and even more so after reading this. It was a hopeful, inspiring read, not just for writers but for anyone who may need to re-discover their passion for life or simply their passion for passion and being alive.

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