The Lottery by Shirley Jackson


“Dark and nightmarish, Shirley Jackson’s short stories represent a singular and every-present genre unto themselves. “The Lottery” remains one of the most terrifying stories ever published – all the more so for its lucid, convincing realism – and one of the most controversial; it has become an essential classic of American fiction. This selection of Jackson’s stories, the only collection to be published during her lifetime, showcases a true master at the height of her haunting powers.”

-Synopsis from back cover


“The Lottery” was my pick for this month’s Rory Gilmore Book Club, being hosted by Jules over at The Literary Lifestyle. It is a classic short story I was thrilled to have the chance to read again for this challenge. To be transparent, I had something different picked out for this month. The prompt was to read a play or short story, and the play I chose didn’t arrive at the library in time for me to get a chance to read it. “The Lottery” was my backup.

This story was as haunting and creepy as the first time I read it many years ago. The building suspense really keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Just what the “lottery” means is revealed slowly over the course of the story. Since we have such an easy understanding of the word, it’s transformation for the purpose of this story is shocking to say the least. In short, I loved it!

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