Without Due Process (J.P. Beaumont #10) by J.A. Jance


“What kind of monster would break into a man’s home at night, then slaughter him and his family? The fact that the dead man was a model cop who was loved and respected by all only intensifies the horror. But the killer missed someone: a five-year-old boy who was hiding in the closet. Now word is being leaked out that the victim was “dirty.” But Seattle P.D. Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont isn’t about to let anyone drag a murdered friend’s reputation through the muck. And he’ll put his own life on the firing line on the gang-ruled streets to save a terrified child who knows too much to live.”


Cover image from StoryGraph

Without Due Process is book ten in the J.P. Beaumont series. I think is one of the darkest books in the series by far. As the synopsis reveals, the story begins with a police officer and his entire family found dead; this includes children, which was difficult to read about. Thankfully, the focus on the surviving child is minimal because once the investigation gets started there is plenty more behind the scenes to occupy Beau.

This story brings up a lot of difficult topics including gangs, police perception by the public eye, and the concept of “bad” cops. I thought it was all handled very tactfully. I’ll admit it was fun seeing Beau mediate a discussion between gang leaders and police, and he did so with his characteristic charm and authority.

There continues to be friction between Beau and some of his fellow officers, including Kramer who made appearances in a previous story. It seems Beau is always at odds with his own peers, making each investigation more difficult. He really doesn’t have the most congenial personality but he always admits when he’s wrong and that’s what matters.

Ron Peters is more involved in this story than he was in previous stories, and I was happy to see him again come to Beau’s aide with intel that could have only been gained from the department he was moved to after his injury. Overall this might be one of my favorites of the series.

As I read Jance’s books in publication order, shortly after this point in time she introduced Joanna Brady and began writing her series in tandem with Beau’s. As such I’ll be switching to Joanna Brady soon, and reading those concurrently. I have to say it’s really nice having an author with so many books under their belt. If I am ever unsure of what to read I can always fall back on this captivating series.

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