2023 Reading Challenges

Hello everyone, happy New Year!

This year I’ll be participating in the annual Goodreads/StoryGraph reading challenge, as well as the Rory Gilmore Book Club being hosted by Jules at The Literary Lifestyle.

My goal for the Goodreads/StoryGraph annual challenge is to read 50 books.

My picks for the Rory Gilmore Book Club will be chosen on a monthly basis, so stay tuned to see what my January pick will be.

Are you doing any reading challenges this year? Tell me which ones in the comments!

2 thoughts on “2023 Reading Challenges

  1. I’m doing the Year-Long Scavenger Hunt (this thing: https://itsthebageler.com/2022/12/08/the-first-ever-year-long-scavenger-hunt/) that Birdie over at the Book Nook cooked up and we’ve got room for plenty more!
    My only trepidation is how I’ll need to control my natural instinct to stack multipliers; for example right now I’m reading Nona The Ninth which, without ANY fudging, could tick something like eleven items on that list, and the only thing that kind of thinking gets you is a list that’s over by March, although I do plan to allow for multiple hits-per-category.

    I think 50 is a VERY doable goal, especially since the Rory Challenge (from what I saw) seems to feature reads that–not like they’re ‘light’ or ‘insubstantial’, but that probably won’t stress you out by looming over you, if I expressed that right, and it’ll be a good and more importantly an enjoyable way to both more actively engage with literature AND Make Number Go Up, the fire and water of book blogging.

    Good luck and good reading!

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