Two for the Dough (Stephanie Plum #2) by Janet Evanovich


“Stephanie takes to the mean streets of Trenton, armed with attitude (not to mention stun guns and defense sprays), to find Kenny Mancuso, who recently shot his best friend and is on the run. Aided by the enigmatic Ranger, who knows a thing or two about bounty hunting, and by her irrepressible Grandma Mazur, Stephanie forms a shaky alliance with her favorite cop, Joe Morelli, for a tumultuous chase through back alleys and Grandma’s favorite funeral parlors.”

-Synopsis from back cover


Cover image from StoryGraph

The above image is the original cover of Two for the Dough, the below image is the cover of the one that I read…

Cover image from StoryGraph

This was a great follow up to One for the Money. It takes place a few months after the first book ends. Stephanie has to work with both Ranger and Morelli on this case, but Morelli proves to be most helpful considering that the fugitive Stephanie is after, Kenny Mancuso, happens to be his cousin.

Grandma Mazur plays a huge role in this story. We learned in the first book that one of her favorite ways to be social is is to drop in on various funeral viewings in the “burg.” It turns out that her favorite pastime becomes very valuable for Stephanie as someone she is following owns one of the more popular funeral parlors in town.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of corpses in this particular book. With the setting being primarily in funeral parlors, it is inevitable. Even with the fun, playful atmosphere of the book, I was getting a little squeamish at some of the goings-on and the behind-the-scenes look at what an undertaker does.

Stephanie handles it all heroically as she did in the first book, and even manages to save Grandma Mazur when she gets too close to the action in the end. Stephanie and Morelli make small strides in their quasi relationship, and I don’t know how I feel about that yet and neither does Stephanie.

I’m continuing to enjoy this series and seeing all the relationships start. Stephanie is definitely becoming one of my favorite fictional characters.

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