Twice Magic (Wizards of Once #2) by Cressida Cowell


“This was once the story of a Wizard and a Warrior who had been taught since birth to hate each other like poison. But the Wizard boy, Xar, and the Warrior girl, Wish, were brought together in the Badwoods and now share a terrifying truth: Witches are on the hunt once more, and danger lurks behind every tree trunk. Xar and Wish’s only hope is to find an ancient spell whose ingredients are scattered far across the land. Together, they will have to trek through treacherous mountain ranges and sneak into a giant’s hall – and if they can’t learn to look past the hatred they’ve been taught, both Wizards and Warriors may be destroyed forever.”

-Synopsis from inside front cover


Cover image from StoryGraph

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year exactly since I read the first book in this series! I definitely didn’t mean to wait that long to read Twice Magic but somehow it fell to the wayside with my to-read list being as long as it is.

Xar and Wish are now working together towards their common goal of defeating the Witches. They are joined by Bodkin the Assistand Bodyguard, Caliburn the raven, and all of Xar’s sprites and snowcats plus a werewolf. Each of them plays an important role in gathering ingredients for the spell.

Xar’s father, Encanzo, and Wish’s mother, Queen Sychorax, are now the ones who have to learn to accept their pasts, and all that they have in common, to unite against the very real threat of the Witches.

This series is so inventive, from the histories of the Wizards and the Warriors to the character’s names, to the folklore surrounding and shaping Xar and Wish’s lives. Cressida Cowell is such a talent and a gift to children’s literature. Sprinkled throughout this story are so many life lessons about trusting in your abilities, focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t, and taking chances and trusting one another.

“Remember, the universe often depends on one unlikely chance…”

from Twice Magic by Cressida Cowell

I’m so glad I finally got to read the sequel to Wizards of Once as this series is downright delightful and reading it has been time well spent. I wish this series had been around when I was a kid but I’m happy I got the chance to read it now. While the ending of this book wasn’t quite as dire as the last one, I am looking forward to reading the next book, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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