How Do You Define Your Personal Reading Tastes?

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Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly series created by Rukky at Eternity Books and hosted by Aria at Book Nook BitsThe full list of November topics can be found here.

This week’s topic is How Do You Define Your Personal Reading Tastes?

How you would define your personal reading tastes?

If someone were to ask me this at work or anywhere else, I would say I read mostly contemporary novels. Since I was an English major in school, people assume I mostly read the classics. While I have read many, they are not necessarily my passion. I tend to be more drawn to contemporary works.

What kinds of books do you like to read?

I like to read books that fall under the mystery category. I enjoy thrillers and romantic suspense as well. I also frequently read books that are lighthearted and fun and occasionally fall under the cozy mystery or contemporary romance category.

How do you pick what books to read next?

I mostly read series, which means if I ever don’t know what to read next, I can simply turn to whichever series I haven’t read in a while and pick up the next book. I will sometimes look to family or friends for book recommendations, but I have a long to-read list so it’s just as easy for me to pick something from that.

Do your reading preferences change often?

They did when I was younger and still figuring out what I liked. Now, I know exactly what books I do (and don’t) like to read and those preferences have remained pretty steady over the last couple years.

How would you define your reading tastes? Tell me in the comments!

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