Series Review: Alpha Crew by Laura Griffin

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Alpha Crew is a four part series by Laura Griffin. As luck would have it, my library didn’t own every copy when I started reading them, so I read them out of order!

At least I got to read book one first, so I knew what I was getting into. I ended up reading book two last, but it was worth the wait! I don’t think you actually have to read them in order anyway, but since the characters overlap I like to see each of their stories from the beginning.

Here’s a synopsis of each, from Goodreads:

At the Edge
When Emma Wright’s government plane goes down over the Philippine jungle, she’s forced to survive alone until an ultra-elite SEAL team goes in after her. As the leader of Alpha Crew, Ryan Owen is no stranger to challenges, but he’s never tackled anything quite like this sexy, smart, and resourceful woman. The mission is to get Emma home safely, but danger is everywhere, and Ryan’s unexpected desire for Emma could be a deadly distraction. Back home in California, Ryan’s mission is over—but Emma’s has just begun. She knows her plane crash was no accident, and she’s determined to uncover the truth about what happened—even if her quest for answers puts her at risk. Torn between duty and desire, Ryan searches for a way win Emma’s heart while protecting her from an invisible enemy who wants her dead.

Edge of Surrender
Ryan had one job: keep Emma safe at all costs. But after a night of passion, Emma takes off and Ryan soon realizes he’s not the only one looking for her. Can he figure out who’s after the beautiful government aide, and why, before she falls into the wrong hands… if she hasn’t already? Emma’s fighting to get justice for her fallen comrades, but she can’t do it alone. She needs Ryan’s help, but that means trusting him–and dealing with the out-of-control desire blazing between them. Can there be any future for a marked woman and a man trained to kill? She hopes they live long enough to find out…

Cover of Night
Sparks fly when a journalist and a Navy SEAL cross paths in Thailand in this third entry in the thrilling and sexy Alpha Crew series from New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin. Journalist Karly Bonham is on her first overseas mission, covering the new United States ambassador to Thailand, when she is taken hostage by terrorists, with only her wits and courage to keep her alive—until help arrives in the form of Navy SEAL Ethan Dunn. As part of an elite SEAL team called Alpha Crew, Ethan has been on countless harrowing missions, but he knows this one is different the instant he meets Karly—the sexy young reporter who somehow managed to escape the terrorists’ clutches. Ethan is impressed by her, especially when he learns she has intel that could be the key to a successful rescue op. Ethan knows working with a civilian raises the stakes on an already dangerous mission. But with the clock ticking down, he enlists Karly’s help to thwart a vicious plot and bring a terrorist mastermind to justice.

Total Control
Navy SEAL Jake Heath has his eyes on Alexa Mays. The FBI Agent is whip smart and hot as hell, but she won’t give him the time of day. So, when she calls him out of blue, he thinks his luck has changed. But instead of meeting up for a romantic dinner, Alexa needs Jake for a very different reason. Her counterterrorism team is hot on the heels of the extremist that Jake’s task force has been tracking for months, and now he’s on American soil. The only way she can take him down is with Jake’s help. Alexa knows Jake is tough and relentless…and that the chemistry between them is electric. Although she’s risking her heart—and maybe even her career—by bringing him onto the mission, she doesn’t have another choice. Together, they’re an unstoppable and powerful team. As the hours tick by and a lethal enemy gets closer to launching an unimaginable attack, Alexa and Jake need to fight fire with fire before the clock runs out. The only question is: will their own flames get in the way?

I loved this little series so much! You get the best of everything in a Laura Griffin book in just over two hundred pages, and can easily read each book in the span of an afternoon, which I often did. I think At the Edge and Edge of Surrender were probably my favorites because I really liked Emma and Ryan!

I will say I think the biggest difference between this series and her other books, at least the Tracers series, is that the suspense is cranked up about a hundred notches in my opinion. I was riveted from the very beginning in At the Edge when Emma was stranded in the jungle, and each book followed a similar pattern of very high-stakes rescue missions. You can’t not read the book in one sitting, because you just have to know what’s going to happen!

If you’ve read and enjoyed Griffin’s books in the past, I’d definitely recommend reading the Alpha Crew series! If you haven’t but you like romantic suspense, I’d still recommend these books. I actually considered re-reading them because I liked them so much, if that tells you anything!

To my knowledge they only exist in e-book format so that would be the only way to read them. However, if you borrow them from your library you can just read them from a web browser on your computer or phone if you don’t have an e-reader.

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