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National Poetry Month

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Hello bookworms!

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?

While I don’t normally read poetry or seek it out, I can’t help but gravitate towards titles that look interesting especially when my local libraries put together such fantastic reading lists! Overdrive/Libby is full of them right now.

So far this month I have read…

  • Original Fire by Lourise Erdrich
  • Love: Poems by Danielle Steel
  • The Circle Game by Margaret Atwood
  • New and Selected Poems Volume One by Mary Oliver

I enjoyed each of these but my favorite was probably Mary Oliver’s poetry collection. I just love how she depicts nature in each of her poems; it’s like you’re really there beside her in the woods, or the meadow, or on the back porch as she observes all the goings-on around her.

Have you read any good poetry lately? Tell me in the comments!

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