The Sunday Post No.3

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme  hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news both personal and blog-related, recap the past week, and share about what’s coming up for the next week.

Hello bookworms! What a week it has been. Here’s a recap of my week on the blog and otherwise.

Last Week

Blog: Last week’s Top Ten Tuesday post was Authors Who Have a Fun Social Media Presence. I don’t follow a ton of authors, but I love seeing behind the scenes content from the ones that I do. I also reviewed Orange: The Complete Collection Volume 1 by Ichigo Takano. I loved this graphic novel so much because it wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It has such an important message, too, and I’d highly recommend it to any reader.

Personal: I didn’t get a lot of reading or blogging done this week. It may have been because I’m still settling into my new job, or that it rained almost every day this week and I hate driving in the rain, or everything in the news and the general uncertainty about the future. I was supposed to be in Tucson this weekend for the Tucson Festival of Books, which ended up being cancelled. That was a huge disappointment. Things are changing almost hourly and that makes it hard to distract myself because I do want those news updates, but I don’t want them to control my life. Such is the way.

Next Week

Blog: I’m hoping to post two reviews next week, one for a graphic novel and one for a suspense novel I just read this past week. I’ll also be posting for Top Ten Tuesday as well, because I can’t resist a class TBR topic.

Personal: I have no idea what next week will bring, none of us do. I am trying not to let that get me down. The only thing I know for sure is that my birthday is on Thursday, haha, and my husband tells me he’s going to make me a special dinner, so I have that to look forward to, if nothing else 🙂 I had a really nice family dinner last night and just hanging out with everyone and doing something normal (eating Mexican food, having birthday cake, browsing a bookstore) was so, so needed. I am beyond grateful for moments like those.


I started reading Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan this week and I am just loving it – keep an eye out for that review coming soon.

We went to the grocery the other day (not to panic buy, just to do our weekly grocery run) and it happened to be right after a particularly bad thunderstorm. When we arrived, a huge, huge rainbow was covering the sky. Everyone was out in the parking lot taking pictures. It was so nice and reassuring to see.



And here are a few cat photos, as is becoming a theme here on the Sunday posts…




Lastly, I hope everyone is holding up okay! I’m sending good thoughts to you, wherever you are, and please stay safe everyone!

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Post No.3

  1. It’s definitely an uncertain time- so much craziness right now. That’s a shame about the book festival- what a bummer.

    Beautiful rainbow pics!

    Mmm Mexican food is a favorite of mine lol. Have a good week!

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    1. It’s a big loss for the Tucson community for sure. But I completely understand why they chose to cancel as so many authors were already cancelling their appearances. Still, it’s a major bummer.


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