The Sunday Post No. 1

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme  hosted by Kimberly at Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news both personal and blog-related, recap the past week, and share about what’s coming up for the next week.

Hello everyone!

Happy first day of March! It’s my birthday month, spring is right around the corner, and I’ve decided to partake in The Sunday Post meme!

The reason for this is that I stopped doing monthly wrap-up posts and I thought it would be fun to still engage in something more personal to recap the blog, at least twice a month, if possible.

I’m sooo glad that it’s finally March. I am ready for these colder months to be over and for spring to start. Even though March is known for fickle weather, it’s still preferable to the constant cold and rain, at least to me. Okay, now on to the weekly recap!

Last Week

Personal: I moved! My husband and I packed up the cats and moved to a new apartment, which we couldn’t be happier about. I’ve been busy puttering around and putting things away but I think it will be a while before we actually feel “settled” in our new home.

Blog: Book review this week included The Prince and the Dressmaker, and The Hypnotist’s Love Story,  both of which I really loved. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was a fun one: Characters I’d Follow on Social Media!

Next Week

Personal: I have some changes coming up at work that I am very excited about. I will share more in a future post, but for now all I know is that it’s going to be an extremely busy week but for all good reasons. This afternoon I will be testing out my new fabric steamer on my new work clothes, so wish me luck that I don’t burn the new apartment down (just kidding!)

Blog: Expect to see two book reviews next week in addition to a Top Ten Tuesday post. I’m continuing to track my reading in real-time over on Goodreads, so feel free to follow along there if you’re interested!


Today I’m planning to start Scorched by Laura Griffin which I have been looking forward to ever since I finished the previous book in this series, Twisted, which was so good. She has quickly become one of my favorite authors, in case you couldn’t already tell.

Lastly, please enjoy these photos of my cats, who turned into little lemurs when they discovered that the window in our new bedroom was just the right height for them to peek out of…



Hope everyone had a great week!

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