2020 PopSugar Reading Challenge

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Happy weekend everyone!

Earlier this month I joined the Ultimate Pop Sugar Reading Challenge on Goodreads.

There are 50 prompts total, with 40 standard prompts 10 advanced prompts that fit into the theme of 2020.

While I’m not planning to organize my reading around this challenge, I figured it would be fun to follow along bingo-style and see how many I can get by the end of the year.

Here’s a list of the prompts below if you’d like to follow along…

Standard Prompts:

  1. A book that’s published in 2020
  2. A book by a trans or nonbinary author
  3. A book with a great first line
  4. A book about a book club
  5. A book set in a city that has hosted the Olympics
  6. A bildungsroman
  7. The first book you touch on a shelf with your eyes closed
  8. A book with an upside-down image on the cover
  9. A book with a map
  10. A book recommended by your favorite blog, vlog, podcast, or online book club
  11. An anthology
  12. A book that passes the Bechdel test
  13. A book with the same title as a movie or TV show but is unrelated to it
  14. A book by an author with flora or fauna in their name
  15. A book published the month of your birthday
  16. A book about or by a women in STEM
  17. A book that won an award in 2019
  18. A book on a subject you know nothing about
  19. A book with only words on the cover, no images or graphics
  20. A book with a pun in the title
  21. A book featuring one of the seven deadly sins
  22. A book with a robot, cyborg, or AI character
  23. A book with a bird on the cover
  24. A fiction or nonfiction book about a world leader
  25. A book with “gold,” “silver,” or “bronze” in the title
  26. A book by a WOC
  27. A book with at least a four-star rating on Goodreads
  28. A book you meant to read in 2019
  29. A book about or involving social media
  30. A book that has a book on the cover
  31. A medical thriller
  32. A book with a made-up language
  33. A book with a country beginning with “C”
  34. A book you picked because the title caught your attention
  35. A book with a three-world title
  36. A book with a pink cover
  37. A Western
  38. A book by or about a journalist
  39. Read a banned book during Banned Books Week
  40. Your favorite prompt from a past Popsugar Reading Challenge

Advanced Prompts:

  1. A book written by an author in their 20s
  2. A book with “20” or “Twenty” in the title
  3. A book with a character with a vision impairment or enhancement (a nod to 20/20 vision)
  4. A book set in Japan, host of the 2020 Olympics
  5. A book set in the 1920s
  6. A book by an author who has written more than 20 books
  7. A book with more than 20 letters in its title
  8. A book published in the 20th century
  9. A book from a series with more than 20 books
  10. A book with a main character in their 20s

I’ll do a check-in every few months to share which prompts I’ve done and how many I have left. I’ll also post some updates on Instagram, too.

Are you participating in the 2020 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge too? Which prompts have you done so far? Tell me in the comments, and have a great weekend everyone!

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