January Book of the Month Pick

I signed up for Book of the Month, and received my first pick in the mail this week: Topics of Conversation by Miranda Popkey.

Here’s my thoughts on BOTM so far:

  • The five book options were so limiting! I almost didn’t pick one
  • I think $14.99/month is perhaps too much. (This is on me – for reasons unknown I had it in my head that it was $9.99/month and was surprised when I got to the checkout screen and saw that it was more)
  • It’s nice that you can “skip” a month if the book selection doesn’t interest you, but you will still be charged either way so that’s not really skipping, is it? You are essentially forced into buying one of their “book credits” to use in the future
  • I’m really bad with reading books I’m “supposed” to read so the expectation that I will read whatever book they send me each month, and the following month and so on, is a little daunting

Why did I sign up then? Well the answer is simple. The first month is free. Yes, really! And because I work at a library and can get new books for free at essentially any time, it begs the question of why I even signed up. A question I can’t answer, either.

This book did sound interesting don’t get me wrong, but the main reason I chose it is because of the short number of pages. It’s a thin one and hopefully shouldn’t take me too long to finish, whenever that happens to be. As you can tell, I have no idea if I will continue with this service in the future.

Are you a member of Book of the Month? How do you like it?

2 thoughts on “January Book of the Month Pick

  1. I’ve tried multiple books in the mail clubs over my lifetime for all of the reasons you stated plus because I like surprises. None of them worked for me. I like to have control too much to allow myself to be happily surprised by a book. I still have shelves of books that I never read, and still more that I’ve donated, unread, to various book sales because I just had no desire at all to read them once I received them. So, no more… never again… but I always look at posts where bloggers are SO excited and there’s this little place inside me that says, “are you sure?”

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    1. You have summed it up perfectly! Another thing irking me is that I’m going to be charged for next month before the February book options are even revealed, so I won’t have time to decide if I want to continue. I think I made up my mind while writing this and after reading your comment that I won’t continue. It just feels too disingenuous and like it’s going to place unnecessary pressure on me. Thank you for your thoughts and I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


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