Unforgivable (Tracers #3) by Laura Griffin

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“At first, Mia Voss thinks it’s just bad luck when her already lousy day ends with a carjacking, but what seems like a random incident is followed by another sinister episode. A DNA expert, Mia has made it her mission to put away vicious criminals. Suddenly, she’s become the target of one. And the only way to protect the people she loves most is to deliberately destroy her reputation and risk letting a killer walk free.

Once, Mia trusted Detective Ric Santos, but that was before Ric let his turbulent past ruin his chances with Mia, the sexiest, most intriguing woman he’s ever met. But he can tell when she’s lying—and when she’s scared. The key to catching a sadistic madman lies within a long-buried cold case that has haunted Mia for years. Only she can uncover the truth, but first, Ric will have to get her to entrust him with her secrets . . . and her life.”

-Synopsis from Goodreads


Unforgivable starts with what I think is every woman’s worst nightmare when getting into their car at night: Mia hopes into her Jeep after a late night ice cream run and comes face to face with a gun; a car jacker is sitting her back seat and directs her to drive onto the highway and exit on a mostly deserted road.

Miraculously, she survives the encounter but someone doesn’t and, as the synopsis alludes, that sets of a chain of events that put Mia’s life in danger. There is also a second event later in the book which again is something I think we all fear, which involves someone in Mia’s family possibly being kidnapped. So not only is her life in danger, but she has to do everything possible to keep her family safe. Mia’s pride is in her work, and her work is essentially her life. She has to put all of that on the line the protect herself and her loved ones.

I don’t have a lot to say about Ric because he is kind of a mess, let’s be honest! His confusing behavior when he completely led Mia on in the last book did not paint him in the best light going into this book. The two of them lack the communication skills necessary to make their relationship work and of course it ends up putting both their lives at risk.

These Tracers books just keep getting better and better. I love that the Delphi Center continues to be at the center of each story, and that we get glimpses of other character storylines both past and present in each book. (I am seriously looking forward to whichever book stars Scott Black, for the record).

So far, I think my favorite book is still Unspeakable, but this was definitely an excellent read, too!

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