Bullet Journals (Again)


This isn’t the first time I have posted about bullet journals on this site. A couple years ago I attempted to start one and it didn’t work out. I simply didn’t have the desire to fill the pages of a beautiful new notebook with my illegible writing! I am not a doodle-r either so there would have been a significant lack of cute drawings, too.

And yet I am drawn to all things bullet journals because my interest is still there apparently!

Etsy has some really beautiful bullet journal accessories. Even bullet journal kits! Now, that is something I can get behind.

I recently purchased some stencils from Etsy that I have used in my planner and they definitely do make things a little more fun and pretty. But stencils that set up layouts eventually just look like the pages of the planners I already own and at that point, what’s the point?

As I’ve been browsing Pinterest, I am noticing that it’s the journals that look more like collages, or even scrapbooks, that are catching my eye.

Before Pinterest, I used to cut out pages of magazines that had inspiring images, anything ranging from clothing to home decor to bookshelves. I kept the pictures separated from one another in a binder, but I love the idea of turning them into a collage in a notebook.

It wouldn’t exactly be a bullet journal, but it would be part of the evolution of bullet journals that we’ve all seen across Pinterest, Instagram and even here on WordPress. If I decide to go that route, I may share some of my progress here, if that’s anything you would be interested in.

Do you have a bullet journal or something similar?


all of the above images are from my Pinterest board, Bullet Journals. Find them here, with links to original owners

2 thoughts on “Bullet Journals (Again)

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  1. I adore this. For years I was a “professional” scrapbooker for various companies. One of my dearest friends now sells these accessories and she loves doing this type of thing. She’s so very good at it. I’ve started making “tag books” where you make a very small, very unstructured scrapbook out of anything and everything to remember an occasion or trip. That is about all of the creativity I have left inside of me these days but at least I’m preserving some memories and thoughts for later.

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    1. That’s such a great idea! I love the thought of incorporating travel memories. I’m hoping to create more time for relaxing craft activities such as this when I finish my graduate program at the end of August. I have been so busy for literally years now that I’m eager for some down time to daydream and be crafty again 🙂


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