Bookish Confessions

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Confession time…

I own a lot of books. A lot. Of. Books.

And yet…

I haven’t read many of them.

I actually haven’t read most of them.

Over time I seem to have amassed a good chunk of books that I simply haven’t gotten around to reading yet. The bookshelves in my living room and in my bedroom are full of unread titles that stare me down every time I sit on the couch or in bed. Combined, my guesstimate of unread books is around forty, give or take in either direction.

Some of these books were gifts. Others are parts of a series I hav yet to finish. Others I bought simply because I thought they were books I should own (FOMO alert).

The reasons for pushing these books back on my TBR are many: another book was at the top of my list, a new book came out that I felt compelled to read instead, I had to read something else for class. You get the idea.

The good news is, I fully intend to read these books someday. I recently went through a personal library reorganization and weeded out the ones I knew for sure I either wasn’t going to read, or wasn’t going to re-read. I have every intention of reading the ones I decided to keep.

Somehow, some way, eventually, I will manage to get through these books.

Do you have a stack of books you’ve owned for quite some time now that you just haven’t gotten around to reading? Please tell me I’m not the only one 🙂

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