Mommy’s Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

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In Mommy’s Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow, a young girl cherishes the multi-colored headscarves her mother wears. The scarves ignite her imagination and she uses them for pretend-play, envisioning herself to be a shining shooting star, a mamma bird to her little brother, a superhero or a queen.

The khimars, or hijabs as we learn they are alternately called, connect her not just to her mother but to her father and their friends at the mosque. Her grandma “Mom-Mom” who doesn’t wear a khimar but is just as much a beloved member of their family. A heartwarming story with whimsical illustrations by Ebony Glenn, readers will connect with this story of treasuring beloved pieces of their family members, and staying connected even when they are apart.


This engaging story features a diverse family front and center. It teachers about an aspect of Muslim culture that not all readers may be familiar with, but does so in a way that most small children will be able to relate to. Published just last year, Mommy’s Khimar is a culturally specific picture book that provides greater insight into Muslim culture in an easy-to-understand way. Although the book is intended for small children, anyone who reads it will benefit from the touching story and sentiments.

This post is part of my five-part series highlighting multicultural children’s literature.

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