Freefall by Jessica Barry



Freefall by Jessica Barry is a gripping story about secrets and survival. The story opens with Allison Carpenter having just survived a plane crash in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She is the only survivor of the crash, and has no way of contacting anyone to let them know she is still alive. She begins a dangerous trek through the mountains to seek shelter and safety.

Meanwhile, Allison’s mother, Maggie, is told that Allison died in the crash as there is no evidence that she could have possibly survived. Maggie begins to mourn the loss of her only child but can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right.

The story alternates between Allison and Maggie’s perspectives, a mother and daughter who use to be close but haven’t spoken to one another in years. The reader discovers, along with Maggie, just what exactly Allison was up to in the last two years and how she found herself on a private just with the multi-millionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company. Readers who enjoy thrilling stories of survival should not miss this debut.

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