My 2019 Literary Resolutions

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Only in the last year or so have I started making literary resolutions at the end of each year. Since getting more involved in Goodreads, specifically the annual reading challenge, I’ve become more purposeful with the books I choose to read and each year I want to challenge myself.

Here are my Literary Resolutions for 2019…

Read Different Genres

Originally I was planning to read a few cozy mysteries to see how that genre appeals to me, but the first and possibly last one I read was such a disaster that I’ve taken that off my list for good. The primary genre I’d like to reconnect with in 2019 is Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Read At Least 5 Classics

The classics will be easy to choose from because I have a handful on my bookshelf now that I have yet to read, mostly because I never had a burning desire to do so. I plan to make use of those books (finally) this year. I’m setting a smallish goal for this one on purpose with the hope that I will surpass it and then some without feeling pressured to do so.

Read More Fiction

If it seems like I have been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, it’s because I have. But I think I’ve had my fill now, and I’m ready to delve back into the fun of fiction. Currently I do not have any non-fiction on my to-read list and it feels great (although I might make an exception for My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper whenever it’s my turn to check it out at the library).

Listen To At Least One Audiobook

I still have not been able to get into audiobooks despite several attempts to give them a try. My reasonably attainable goal, and I am purposefully setting this bar incredibly low, is to get through at least one audiobook. If I accomplish anything on this list, I am 99% sure it will be this one.


My overarching resolution is to only read the books that I want to read, not the books I think I should read simply because “everyone else is reading them.” This can be a tough one because whenever there is a popular book that everyone is talking about it’s hard not to jump on the bandwagon. But there is (frequent) disappointment when I end up not liking the book and feeling as though I wasted my time. I don’t want as many repeats of that this year as I had last year.


What are your bookish resolutions for the New Year?

5 thoughts on “My 2019 Literary Resolutions

  1. Excellent goals and I wish you luck with them all! I’ve tried audio in the past and just cannot do it; I wish I could. I’m branching out in all directions this year with various genres to keep boredom at bay. Fingers crossed.


  2. I thought about doing classics as a challenge this year, but decided that I’ll pick up a few classics no matter what. Instead, my focus for 2019 is to read big books more frequently and and also get out of my YA bubble once in a while in favor of more adult reads.

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    1. That is a great goal! It’s hard to break out of your regular genre but sometimes you can find some amazing books that way. I started reading more graphic novels near the end of 2018 and now I’m really interested in that genre. I hope you have a great reading year! 🙂

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