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To All the Books I’ve Tried to Read Before

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It is an awful thing not to be able to finish reading a book. Not by circumstance, but by your own will. I try to give every new book that I read fifty pages of my time before deciding whether or not I will continue reading it. Sometimes it takes more pages to decide, and sometimes less. I know there are other readers out there who, like me, abhor having to stop reading a book. The decision brings an indescribable guilt that haunts you for longer than you expect.

In 2018, it is entirely possible that I attempted to read, but did not finish, as many books as I actually did read in their entirety. There are only so many books out there and quite frankly, life is too short to while it away reading books I don’t like. I would rather spend my days reading books that excite me, not ones that hang over my head like a required reading homework assignment for a class that I hate.

In many cases the books I chose not to finish went straight to the library either to be returned or to be donated. Either way, they were released back into the wild hopefully to find their way into the arms of a grateful reader who sadly could not be me. Sometimes books get better if you stick with them. Here is a tip: if you feel like you have to read it, don’t.

If a book is meant to be on your literal or figurative shelf, it will find its way to you. Or in some cases, find its way back to you a second time around. You will pick it up and being reading and think, how did I not like this before? I love this book! And another book journey will begin.

2 thoughts on “To All the Books I’ve Tried to Read Before

  1. I’m often accused of giving out too many 4 or 5 star reviews – which is totally not true considering the number of 1 and 2 star reviews I’ve written in 2018 – but what people don’t realize is that the only reviews that make it onto the blog (or Goodreads) are the books I actually finished. For every book I read and review, there generally are one or two that I started and didn’t finish. There are a lot of really bad/boring books out there as well as really great/captivating ones and I refuse to waste my time reading/reviewing the ones that don’t knock my socks off. So, here’s to a fantastic 4/5 star year for us both!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to post bad reviews or give anything less than four stars on Goodreads because half the time if I didn’t like it, the book just wasn’t for me. It’s never really about the book itself being “bad.” I’m glad to know other people get this, too!


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