2018 What I Read: A Visual Guide

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 7.15.17 AM.png

Thanks to Goodreads, I have a visual guide of what I read this year. Just look at all those enticing book covers!

*note: this is not a completed list by any means. It’s still 2018 and I am still actively reading!*

Isn’t it odd that while looking at this list, all I could think was that there were sooo many other books I should have been reading instead of these?! I was very busy with my graduate classes this year so that’s going to be my excuse. At any rate, I plan to be more thoughtful when it comes to choosing books to spend my time with next year. Only about half of these really made enough of an impact on me that I would actually recommend them to anyone else, not to mention quite a few were re-reads, so that says a lot.

How was your year in books? Did you meet your Goodreads reading goal?

Stay tuned for more book reviews next week, and my end of the year wrap up posts coming soon!

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