Book Review: Desperate Girls

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Desperate Girls by Laura Griffin was another binge-read for me. I haven’t had too many this year, so that should tell you how much I enjoyed this book.


Brynn Holloran is a defense attorney in Texas. She is whip smart and excellent at her job but as someone who has a wildly successful career, she has a less than stellar social and personal life. When a convicted murderer escapes, one whom Brynn was personally responsible for being convicted, her law firm hires a private security team to ensure her safety during the manhunt to track him down. Despite the fact that she and her partner are surrounded by former Secret Service agents dedicated to keeping them safe, they can’t seem to outsmart the killer who is hellbent on getting his revenge. While Brynn tries to keep her head down and focus on the current case at hand, she can’t help but be distracted by developments, and by one of her security guards in particular.


As I said, this was a quick read. The reviews on Goodreads were very mixed, mostly negative, but I didn’t let any of them sway me in wanting to read this book. The only comment that kept coming up was in reference to the title and the book cover not aligning with the story itself, which I have to agree with. Still, that’s hardly a reason to not read the book.

I thought it was great both in terms of plot and characters. At some points I was confused by Brynn’s behavior; her reaction to her boss hiring a private security team seemed immature and not realistic. Wouldn’t she be glad to have extra protection after learning that the killer was getting closer and closer? At the same time, I guess I could see her frustration about the Wolfe Security team essentially moving into her life right out of the blue and not giving her any literal space at any time of day.

There was a great twist at the end which I didn’t see coming, but in hindsight made perfect sense. It was a fantastic way to amp up the tension at the end and although I guessed how things might turn out, it definitely did not happen the way I was expecting. If in fact this does become a series there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be reading the sequel.


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