Mini Book Review: The Best Advice I Ever Got

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The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives by Katie Couric is a compilation of essays by actors, musicians, businessmen and women, scientists, athletes and more about the best advice they’ve ever received regarding careers, happiness, making big decisions and virtually everything related to life. Each section includes an introductory essay by Couric, that slowly reveal her own story and the nuggets of wisdom she’s learned in her life.

This was a nice, breezy read and quite inspiring! I especially loved the essays by Chelsea Handler, Ina Garten, Christina Applegate, and Kathryn Stockett. The only downside to this book was that there were quite a few essays I chose not to read, that were written by men whose names will never appear on this site. That alone shows how dated the book is; normally that wouldn’t matter with books of essays that should be timeless, but in this case it most certainly does. I hope that future editions of this book omit these essays.

If you enjoy books of essays that share life advice and words of wisdom, I wouldn’t recommend this particular one unless you are extremely interested to learn more about Katie Couric. If not, there are certainly other more recent collections out there to enjoy; plus, you can always just cherry pick the ones written by those you admire or wish to know more about.

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