A Fun Announcement

As you know, earlier this year we adopted a rescue cat from our local pet rescue. Georgia has brought so much joy to our lives, and as you can see below, she is well aware of how she has graced us with her presence, ha.


But Georgia is just over a year old, has a ton of energy, and we started to think that now might be a good time to adopt a second rescue cat We figured Georgia might like to have a friend, and also the thought of a cat in need of a home being just a few miles away from us was tugging on our heartstrings!

So, a little over two weeks ago we visited the pet rescue once again. We were greeted warmly by all the staff who remembered us which was so sweet, and took some time getting to know this little lady.


We loved her and her personality right away and so we decided to adopt her that day!

IMG_2941 copy



Lola has been such a dear these past almost-three-weeks. Not to mention she was malnourished when she was brought to the rescue, so our first priority has been getting her fed and healthy and making sure she had a warm bed and quiet place to relax. She is very shy and timid though, and it’s taken her quite a while to warm up to us and being in a new environment.

She has met her sister Georgia a few times and despite some hissing and territorial-ness on Georgia’s part, we think they are going to get along just fine if we give them both time to adjust.


Georgia will always be our number one girl (which she is well aware of, thank you very much!)

Going from a one-cat to a two-cat household has been an adjustment: twice the litter! Twice the treats! But we are loving every second of it.


We love you, Lola!

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