113 Minutes by James Patterson

Short Story Sunday

Bookshots are a creation of James Patterson – they are thrillers that can be read in just a few hours time, all under one hundred and fifty pages. I found out about them while doing some shelf reading at work; the thin paperbacks stood out among Patterson’s other novels, all much longer, and I was intrigued. Most of these bookshots are companion stories to some of his other series, which is why I chose 113 Minutes because it is a standalone.

I love the idea of a quick story. I personally would have chosen a different name for this particular brand of books. 113 Minutes was well-written and yes, there was a lot of action and some thrilling moments. I won’t give away too much, except to say that the title, the synopsis, and the story itself did not correlate at all.

The synopsis, being that Molly Rourke is taking revenge on who killed her son, sounded like a completely different story than what I read. The title itself and the chapters never really corresponded with the story either. Maybe it’s just me, although I don’t think it is, but so much more could have been done with that idea of minutes and revenge and plotting. I had a very different story in mind when I began reading this, and what revealed itself was a little disappointing.

Would I read a Bookshot again? Probably, because I liked the idea of a short thriller. Some of the other Bookshots sound interesting so we’ll have to see. This was the first work of James Patterson’s I have read and I will say it was about what I was expecting. I am definitely looking around for a mystery series or domestic thriller to get into, although I don’t think I will peruse any of his series just yet. (Looking into J.D. Robb at the moment).

Any good books to recommend as of late? We’re (almost) entering that cozy time of year of good books and warm drinks, although when is it not a good time of year for good books?


3 thoughts on “113 Minutes by James Patterson

  1. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of these types of stories but I’ll have to check them out. That’s great for me when I’m very busy. I just read The Nightingale and loved it. Do you have any other book recommendations?


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