Staying Mindful in the Moment

Mindful Moments

Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it is already August?

For this month’s mindfulness post, I wanted to talk about being mindful in the moment. During the day, take notice of the things around you as you go about your daily routine. In particular, pay attention to how you feel at certain times of the day, such as on your commute or while sitting in the office.

If you happen to notice that things went from just-okay to not-great,  think about what brought on those changes. Was it the way you reacted to something a coworker said? Or maybe you were given an assignment unexpectedly that you aren’t sure you can do. Our moods can change so quickly based on everything going on around us, that sometimes it is easy to forget just how much control you do have.

My example is this: I have noticed that during breaks at work, if I check my email too frequently, I will start to feel anxious. That little anxious feeling would sometimes carry into the rest of my day. As soon as I noticed this, I decided to put a time limit on when I check my email during the day, and for how long. I try to only check it while at work if I’m anticipating receiving an important email. Otherwise, it can wait.

Taking note of that one aspect of my day has made such a difference! You can really set the tone of your day, your week, and really even your life if you stay mindful of all that is going on around you and in your head.

What About You?

What are some ways you try to stay mindful during the day? Any tips you’ve developed over time? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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