What I Learned: Pet Adoption


We adopted our cat this past spring and (spoiler!) it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She has been such a wonderful addition to this little household and we completely adore her.

For the second installment in the What I Learned series, Anthony and I will be sharing with you some of what we learned about adopting a rescue animal.

Me and Anthony


What surprised you most about adopting a rescue cat? What surprised me the most was how easy the entire process was from idea to bringing her in our front door. From then on I was surprised at how quickly she adjusted to us and how quickly we adjusted to her. We’re like a real family. I had researched a lot about behaviors and what to look for and timelines to expect but she was acting like she’d been with us since birth within a week!

What would your advice be to others who want to adopt an animal? I would say to prepare for an adjustment – they feel like real people and I see her as my daughter. I didn’t know I could feel this intense love for her right away. Research the basic behaviors because remember, they can’t talk even though we wish they could. And lastly, have fun with it and show your pet as much love as you can and they will reciprocate.

What is your favorite thing about Georgia? Definitely her personality. I’ve been around cats before that we just cats, but she acts like a little girl and is so playful and imaginative. She’s very responsive to both of us and has been the greatest thing to happen to me all year, maybe even in my entire life, besides Hannah that is.



What surprised you most about adopting a rescue cat? I was surprised by how easily Georgia adjusted into our home. I thought she would need a few days alone in a room/bathroom, but she was out and about the very first day! After spending some time under the table and under the bed, she’s made this chair next to the window her lookout spot.



What would your advice be to others who want to adopt an animal? Research, research, research. Do your homework on everything from the type of pet you want (species, breed, age, temperament) to the rescue center you plan to use. In addition to adoption fees, there may be extra costs associated. Also, be sure you get all of the pet’s paperwork and medical history.

What is your favorite thing about Georgia? Her spunk! She is unlike any cat I have had which makes her fun to play with and to observe. She has such a big personality and is so smart. Sometimes I really wish I could read her thoughts to know what she’s thinking.


Living her best life!

…and they lived happily ever after 🙂

Thank you, Anthony, for chiming in on this post with your kind words about our little kitty – you’re the best Cat Dad ever!


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