Rapid Review: Heat Wave

Short Story Sunday

Heat Wave by Richard Castle introduces NYPD homicide detective Nikki Heat. As she endeavors to solve the case of a real estate mogul who recently fell to his death, journalist Jameson Rook who is tagging along on the case repeatedly gets on her nerves, even though she feels a spark between them.

This fictional book is a tie-in with the ABC show Castle which ended two years ago. Throughout the series, character Richard Castle references books he’s written, among them Derrick Storm thrillers and the Nikki Heat series. ABC published each novel the character mentioned on the show, which added to the hype of new episodes and season, etc.

There were a lot of negative reviews of this series on both Amazon and Goodreads. The main complaint is that the Nikki Heat books read like fan fiction. Keep in mind, these fictional books were “written” by a fictional character!

Another common complaint was that Nikki Heat’s background didn’t correlate as closely with Kate Beckett’s on the show as much as people expected. Once again, that’s because the book is a separate entity from the show itself. I understand that people who seek out these books likely do so because they are huge fans of the show but keep in mind that the series is not just a book-version of the same show. The differences are very apparent but that shouldn’t deter you from reading.

It amazes me how heavily critiqued this book has been on various book reviewing platforms online. I enjoyed it and it was a short read – no need to pick apart ever little detail with this one.

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