July Ipsy Glam Bag ~ Review

I got my July ipsy glam bag last week – here’s what was inside!

Elizabeth Mott Tapered Blending Brush: This brush has multiple uses (blending concealer, highlighter, etc.) but I have been using it for eyeshadow. It works better than most eyeshadow brushes I have used.

Pure Heals Charcoal Mask: One of my favorite charcoal masks by far because it’s a peel-off. If you put on an even enough layer, you don’t need water or a damp cloth to remove. My skin felt great afterward and I did notice a difference in my pores and overall appearance.

Eyeko Skinny Travel Size Eyeliner: This is a great liquid eyeliner – not much else to say! I’ve never thought of eyeliners being “travel size” but I guess it would be beneficial if you were trying to pack really light for a trip and had a limited amount of space.

Sundays No 45 Nail Polish: I’ve never received a nail polish in my glam bag before so this was fun! I’m so relieved the color is one I can actually use. Even though it’s similar to my OPI “I Believe in Manicures” polish from the holiday 2016 set, it’s a more muted tone.

First Aid Beauty Pure Skin Face Cleanser: I love this face cleanser and have received it in my glam bags last year. It’s very light and works great for sensitive skin.

The only (very minor) downside to this month’s bag was that since I had already received the First Aid cleanser in a previous bag, I couldn’t rate it online and get the extra fifteen points for my review. This was a bummer since those really add up and can earn you free products later on!

Besides that, this was definitely one of the better bags I have received.

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