Mindfulness Tip: Visualizing Your Happiness


For this month’s mindfulness post, I wanted to talk about something each and every one of us strives for whether we realize it or not: happiness.


A common myth about happiness is what it looks like. A loose definition of happiness that most of us hold revolves around freedom of time and space and a certain amount of money and amenities. To achieve these things, you have to work really hard, save money, and focus on your dreams and goals, right?

But that in itself is problematic because it means that happiness is something you cannot have right this minute. If you are constantly focusing on the Day You Will Finally Be Happy, you will never be happy.

Define What You Seek

One way I have found to feel happy is to simply change your definition of happiness. Happiness looks different to everyone and once you realize that, it can be truly life changing. For me, happiness is more of a feeling than a state. It’s when I come home after a long, satisfying day at work and make my favorite food, watch something I enjoy on TV, and read a good book. I can do this literally every single day if I really want to, which means that I can be happy every single day.

Would spending money on lavish material things also make me happy? Or traveling to exciting places? Of course! And every now and then I do that as a treat. We travel and we shop but not all the time. That’s just one piece of my life that makes me happy, but it takes a lot of planning to make those things happen. In the meantime, there are things that I can be doing right now that make me feel just as happy, so why not focus as much of my time and energy on those things?

Why Does This Matter?

Leading a mindful life is all about centering yourself in the present, accepting what is going on around you, and paying close attention to how you respond to things. The more mindfully present you are, the more likely you are to be grateful for the moments in your life that make you feel happy.


Have a great weekend everyone!

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