Beauty Review: Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion



Earlier this year I had the chance to try out Murad’s skin perfection lotion. It was included in the FFF Spring Box, and I was eager to try it because it’s said to be good for clearing acne-prone skin. I had a minor allergic reaction to this lotion, resulting in a very negative experience.

It wasn’t until after the fact that I learned it is very common for people to have an often intense allergic reaction to this specific lotion. Had I known this ahead of time, I would have never used it. Because of this, I felt the need to share my experience here in the hopes that it will prevent even just one person from going through what I experienced.

What Happened

I used the lotion for the first time on a Sunday morning, wearing it underneath my usual makeup. After just a few hours, my skin started to feel a little tight. Since I had applied it not just to my face but also to my neck, the tightness was extending into my neck as well. I also began to feel a little itchy, which I didn’t really take notice of until it became almost unbearable. I try not to touch my face throughout the day after I have applied my makeup because I don’t want to get germs/bacteria on my skin. But this itchiness was almost too much and I couldn’t help just running my hands lightly over my face every time I felt the urge to scratch.

A few hours later, my skin began to feel very hot as though I had a fever. It was even warm to the touch! I realized I must be having some sort of reaction to this lotion and that I needed to get it off my face ASAP. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do so because we were out and about that day and didn’t have time to stop at the house so I could wash my face. I washed everything off as soon as I got home, which meant that the lotion had been on me for less than eight hours. However, it took a full week for my skin to get back to normal.

This lotion caused serious acne breakouts, as in more than I have ever had before. My skin was rough to the touch, peeling in some areas with especially dry patches, and completely broken out. I immediately went out and got a Cetaphil cleanser (one that included treatment for redness.)

I had to work the next day but it was only for a few hours and I was more or less able to hide everything under my makeup. But of course as we all know, if you’re having any sort of skin reaction the best thing to do is to not wear any makeup at all and to let your skin breath. I spent the next two days at home, washing my face very gently with cold water and the Cetaphil cleanser about every four hours. I applied a cold cloth periodically to help with the redness. The itchiness went away, but the redness and dryness took longer.


As this was happening, I was reminded of the few times I have tried to use Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. (On Ulta’s website, you’ll see reviews similar to what happened to me on about the third page of reviews). Each time, my skin would become incredibly dry and rough, similar to what happened with Murad’s skin perfecting lotion. I am assuming that they share similar ingredients, and that this is why I had such similar reactions to both.

At this point, I was reading online about Murad, and discovered that many, many women have experienced this same type of allergic reaction to this specific lotion. One woman used it at night, and woke up to such a severe reaction including swelling, that she could hardly open her eyes. Other women have experienced the same issue of having intense acne breakouts after using it.

It seemed like people who used this lotion fell into two categories: those who had great results and used it regularly, and those who had allergic reactions. As we all know, 50/50 is not a safe bet to make when the healthiness of your skin is at stake.

Final Thoughts

It frustrates me that Murad would continue to make this lotion knowing how many women have suffered the exact opposite of the results it is said to provide. There should at least be a disclaimer somewhere on the bottle. I normally only like to post about products I enjoy using, but I felt compelled to share this with anyone who might happen to try Murad. You really should research your products before you buy them.

Now that I do the research, if there’s even a small chance that something could cause a reaction to my skin, I don’t even bother testing it out – I just don’t buy it. Nothing is worth bargaining the health of your skin, especially if you have a good regime already and use gentle products that give you good results.

Hopefully this helps others who are or have considered trying out Murad!

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