Rapid Review: Ask A Manager


If you’ve ever enjoyed reading Dear Abby columns (raising my hand!) you will love Ask A Manager: How to Navigate Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life At Work by Alison Green. Green has been called the Dear Abby of the workplace because she’s been answering people’s most cringe-worthy questions for over ten years.

Ask A Manager is especially useful to those who work in an office and have become all too familiar with dreaded office politics. This book will become your bible to guide you through how to handle those moments where you simply do not have an answer for what to do or say.

This book covers…

  • Conversations with your boss
  • Conversations with your coworkers
  • Conversations when you’re the boss
  • Conversations with your job interviewer

The most relevant chapters for me personally surrounded conversations with coworkers. Although I cannot relate to the majority of what the poor souls who wrote to Alison Green are going through, as a fellow employee I can sympathize with all of these struggles.

Not only is this book a gold-mine of advice and tips in the workplace, but it is also like it’s own little training manual; for each situation, I would try to think of what I would do or say first before reading Green’s response. And let’s be honest, it was just pure fun to read about other people’s lives and hear the office gossip 😉

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