Our New Rescue Kitten


I have some excited personal news to share: last weekend we adopted a kitten! There is a lot of kitten-gushing and cat related content below, so be warned πŸ™‚

We have been wanting a cat for a while but couldn’t quite decide on the type of cat, or age, or any of the specifics. We both had some hesitations about getting a kitten, but ultimately we decided that if she was the right fit for us, we would know.

We went to the Foothills Animal Rescue here in town, surprisingly less than a ten minute drive away! The place was beautiful and not what I was expecting to see at an animal rescue, but in a good way.


Half the building was for cats and kittens, and the other half was for dogs. As you can see in the above photo, the cats had a pretty sweet setup with lots of light, cat trees galore, and there was classical music playing throughout the entire building. No wonder they were all snoozing when we peeked in, I would fall right asleep in there, too!

Although we had looked online and already had our eye on one kitten in particular, we said hello to everyone in there (including the big orange guy at the top of that cat tree, who managed to escape from the room while we were there!)

We spent quite a bit of time with the little black-and-white girl we had our eye on, and the more we spoke with the volunteers and even the director of the center, we knew she would be the right one for us.

We brought her home the same day, set her up in the bathroom (the quietest area where we hoped she would feel calm and comfortable) and she promptly jumped right into the bed we got for her…



and fell asleep!


It was so adorable and sweet. (And it was during this time that we decided to name her Georgia, which she happily accepted).

Over the last week, she has found “her spot” in the house: a chair under the kitchen table that gives her a semi-good view of everything despite the hanging tablecloth.


Georgia slept a lot the first few days, we think because she was so happy to be in an only-cat home and somewhere quiet and calm where she can eat her kitty treats in peace.

But since then, boy has she been on the move! Below are some not-great snapshots of her activities:

She has a lot of great toys to play with but her favorite games tend to be run-as-fast-as-you-can-from-nothing, and pretend-to-get-scared-so-you-can-run-faster.

We don’t know the full details of her history, but she wasn’t in a good situation or else she wouldn’t have ended up at the rescue. For whatever reason, she hasn’t let us really hold her yet. She allows to be picked up, but not for too long. She’s very affectionate but doesn’t seem quite sure of how to cuddle yet. That’s okay, because we have plenty of time. It is so fun to watch her scamper around and do her thing. I’m so glad that we could give her this new home, and I can’t wait for her to settle in and open up even more.

What About You?

Have you ever rescued a pet? Tell me in the comments! We have rescued animals before, and I can say it is the most rewarding experience! ❀

8 thoughts on “Our New Rescue Kitten

  1. Congratulations on getting your new cat! Hope she likes her new home. Be sure to supply her with lots of toys, and favorite food. Hopefully you won’t just feed her Dry food. I see a lot of people Only feed their pets just dry food. But canned food has more water content. I have two cats and I give them wet and dry. So they are really happy with that. You really picked a pretty cat. I’m sure you will give her lots of special attention. πŸ˜‰ Contrary to popular belief, cats Love attention! Nice bed you picked for her too. They love soft beds. Maybe since she is a young cat, you can train her to walk on a harness and leash. I trained mine to do that, and they do a really good job! That way you can take her for a walk outdoors and not worry about her getting run over by cars or killed by wild animals or stray dogs. Like all cats, my cats love being outdoors, so I take them for walks whenever I can. They even have their own cat tree, and a few other pieces of furniture. Some of it I made myself. I made some videos of my cat furniture on YouTube. I’ll post a link to those. Here is a link to a cat perch I made from some plumbing materials and a PVC pipe. This was part 1. Here is a link to part two. Hope this gives you some ideas for making your own cat furniture. Have fun with your new cat πŸ™‚

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  2. Beautiful kitty! I’ve been volunteering for about 6 years after I adopted my first cat. Best tip I every got was let her come to you. Sit wherever you normally sit, have a toy or the flying feather types, and call her name. Give her time and she’ll respond. She looks really comfy already. Jackson Galaxy has a lot of tips too online and on his TV show. Enjoy!

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