Short Story Dispensers

I was just reading about these short story dispensers and they sound so cool that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Short story dispensers are exactly what they sound like: press a button and out pops a short story just for you, free of charge. These kiosks built by a French publishing company have only existed in Grenoble, France…until now. So far there’s one in San Francisco and plans to add more to various public spaces across the U.S. including many libraries.

This reminded me of the short stories they print at Chipotle (disclaimer: I eat Chipotle a minimum of 3 times a week so maybe I am more familiar with this than others). But here’s the thing: I never read the stories on the Chipotle bags/cups! I know, it’s terrible. But when I’m out to lunch or dinner, it’s just not the right time for me to sit and read and be contemplative. Not when there are tacos in front of me!

But the LitHub article mentions that these short story dispensers are being added to public libraries and this, ladies and gentleman, is sheer genius.

I personally would love to see something like this added to our library. I think it would attract visitors, and people would enjoy getting their own personal take-home short story to read and keep. It would be such a nice, interactive and fun addition to any library and I hope to see them in Arizona sometime in the future.

What About You?

Would you use one of these short story dispensers? Do you like Chipotle?! 😉




*image via The Guardian


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