Honest Beauty Box

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This month I got my first Honest beauty box. Available at Target, they are like most beauty boxes in that they come with a handful of products, both sample and regular sized. Beauty boxes are a great way to test new products before committing to a purchase. I’d highly recommend signing up for a monthly or subscription-based beauty box if you’re looking to try something new.

This box came with…

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Everything Primer Luminous Base. It has a bit of an orange hue to it, doesn’t go on smoothly unless you have a moisturizer on underneath, and didn’t really do anything for me that past e.l.f. products have been able to do.

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Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser. The scent is a little medicinal, but it definitely does a good job of cleansing and removing makeup.

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Younger Face Deep Hydration Cream. This hydration cream is really thick, and although it says can be used morning and night, I’m only using it at night so it doesn’t throw off my makeup routine with how thick it is.


Everything Organic Facial Oil. I haven’t used this yet because most oils I have used are meant to be like a cleanser and washed off afterwards; this one says to apply and leave on. If I plan on testing it out, it will definitely not be on a work day in case anything goes awry.

IMG_1222 3

Invisible Blurring Powder. Self-explanatory loose, blurring powder. Doesn’t come with a brush so you’ll need to use or buy your own.

So far, the blurring powder my favorite product. Comparable to IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Pores pressed powder which I use almost daily, this gives you a matte finish while covering up your pores. The two days I used it last week, it stayed on all day while at work and I didn’t have to touch up once.

I have never used Honest products exclusively in the past, so I’m eager to test these out and see how they hold up. My first thoughts though are that compared to other brands, I hate how boring the Honest product packaging is. Just because something’s all-natural and organic doesn’t mean it can only be shades of gray, you know?

What About You?

Have you used Honest products? What beauty boxes do you subscribe to? Tell me in the comments!


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